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5 Tips to Getting the Right Moving Quotes Every Time


When you’re getting ready to move the last thing you want is unexpected expenses. After all, you’re already paying in time and money for the relocation and having to spend any extra funds could put you over budget. That’s why having an accurate moving quote is so critical. Here at New Generation Moving and Storage, we want you to get the right estimates every time- and here’s how:.

Get It Done together

While we certainly understand that schedule constraints may make this difficult, we always recommend that both partners be at the quote appointments if possible. Why? Often even couples that have been living together for many years still have different ideas of what needs to stay and what should go. In one walk through the husband thinks A, B, and C should be moved, while the wife counters with X, Y, Z. And while this may not seem like a big deal- after all, we could just take the extra stuff and go- the truth is that every item has the possibility of changing the quote drastically.

Knock It Out

You’ve agreed to tackle the quote process together, but still need to make it work with your schedules, right? Our tip is to dedicate an entire day to knock it out. Schedule the quote appointments with about 30-45 minutes between each of them to give you time to process, write notes or discuss it with your partner.

Ask away

Now is the time to ask any and all questions you have, so make it count. This is as much of an appointment to get accurate quotes, as it is to determine how you feel about the moving company as a whole. Ask about their policies, referrals, and any gray areas you feel need explaining.

While you’re asking questions make sure to inquire about their packing and unpacking estimates- does it make financial sense for you to do it yourself, or would the additional expense be well worth the extra time?

Itemize, Itemize, Itemize

Since you will likely be doing this walkthrough multiple times in a day with different companies, it can become a bit tedious to continue to go through item after item with each company. But remember, missing even one item can send your whole quote off balance, so it’s important to walk the entire house from top to bottom- every time.

From bedrooms to bathrooms, and basements to living spaces, you’ll want to ensure that every item that must be moved is listed on their quote. An additional tip while holding these appointments is to have your master list already written out and compare notes at the end.

Decide On Dates

Finally, make sure that you’re well aware of the estimated dates for pickup and drop off. While every company handles their shipping times differently, one thing is typically the same: the more flexible you are, the less you’ll pay.