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6 Ways to Prepare Your Family For a Corporate Relocation


Moving is always full of mixed emotions, but when your family is planning a relocation to somewhere completely new everything changes big time. What’s important is that your family- especially the kids- understands the process and all of the adventures waiting to come. At New Generation Movers we know a thing or two about successfully relocating families to their new homes and we want to share our top tips for an easy transition:

Explain the Situation

Transparency is key here; let your children know why this move is important for the family and how your job is changing because of it. Simply saying, “we’re moving because we need to” isn’t going to cut it with children that are emotionally connected to their homes, school and friends.

Additionally it’s important to address their concerns and respect their opinions. While obviously a child must move with their parents wherever they go, their feelings and apprehensions are no less valid.

Get the Family Excited

During the initial sit down, talk to your family about all of the amazing changes that are coming from the relocation: new house (possibly bigger), exciting new places to try, a road trip to get from A to B with sightseeing along the way. It’s your job as parents to rally the troops and get everyone on board for this big move.

Organize and Pack

Now comes the not-so-fun, but always necessary part of moving- packing. Before you get started however, sort through and organize your belongings in all of your rooms: kitchen, living, office, bedrooms, etc. Sort your things into 3 piles: ‘trash’, ‘donate’ and ‘take’ so that you cut down on items that need to be transported, saving you time and money in the long run.

Next get to packing, but don’t forget to label each box with the designated areas to make it easier to unload and put away in the new home.

Research New Area

While this may have been daunting 10-15 years ago, now kids can jump online and research all there is to do with the click of a button. Make a night out of it taking notes, asking questions and ‘Googling’ your new hometown to find out all of the interesting places to visit.

While you’re surfing the web, don’t forget to take some time to look up the new school districts, as well as utilities, banks, grocery stores, etc. Having all of these mapped out beforehand will be a huge help once you’re there.

Understand the Cost of Living

For some people relocating may mean moving to a place with a lower cost of living-which would be fantastic for the wallet. For others however, it could mean pinching more pennies to accommodate for the higher cost of living than expected. Don’t get caught off guard with the transition, especially after an expensive life event like moving.

Plan Adventures

With your newfound adventures in mind, talk to your kids about actually going there and set dates to make it happen. This will get the whole family excited to get on the road, ready to explore. Don’t overlook the importance of planning an adventure with your kids- or spouse- to have everyone in the family looking forward to something after the stress of the big move.