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9 Tips to Save Time While Moving


Moving from house to house is always a time-consuming process that begins well before the actual day of move. At New Generation Movers, we know that our customers are preparing for their upcoming move for weeks leading up to the big day. To help make your next transition as seamless as possible we’ve gathered our top 9 tips for saving time- and probably a bit of sanity- during your next move!

Set a Schedule

Whether you decide to start packing months or weeks prior to moving, it’s important to not only set a schedule- but to stick to it. Sit down with your family, compare activity schedules, such as upcoming sporting events, work meetings, etc. and decide on a “moving preparation schedule” that reasonably fits with everything else going on in your busy lives.

Toss, Donate and Take

Our favorite tip for packing is actually what needs to be done before you start packing: the sorting and organizing. There’s no reason to bring items from one house to another that you never use or could do without. By doing this you not only save time packing them, loading and then unloading again, but you save money as well. To sort through your items, we suggest dividing everything into 3 piles: toss, donate and take. You’ll be amazed at how much “stuff” you realize you truly don’t need or use anymore.

Know What Not to Pack

Save yourself time by simply knowing what not to pack, such as: firearms, explosives, gasoline, plants, perishable foods, valuables, money, and medications. The moving company won’t transport most of these, and items like valuables and medications should be kept with you in your own personal vehicles.

Take Photos of Wires and Set-Up Devices

Prior to your move walk around your house with your camera phone and take photos of all electrical items and their outlets or inputs- especially TVs with wires connecting to sound systems, cable boxes and dvd players. While this may take a few moments of your time in the beginning, it will save your endless amounts of frustration when trying to set up your devices at your new location.

Get the House Move-Out Ready

Once you have your pictures however, it’s time to disconnect everything and prepare the home to be move-out ready. Typically movers will not disconnect anything hardwired into the home, so take this headache out of the equation by doing it ahead of schedule. Clear the path and walkways for the movers to come and go safely, as well.

Don’t Run Out of Packing Supplies

Purchase or collect enough boxes, packing tape and other supplies so that you don’t find yourself smack in the middle of a successful packing session only to have to run to the store for more.

Change Your Address

Take the time to write out a list of every company or authority that would need to know your change of address. These would include: the post office, utility companies, DMV, insurance companies, credit card companies, school officials, etc. If you need to change utility companies, we highly recommend doing so prior to your move so everything is set up and ready by the time you arrive.

Trade Pizza For Help

You might be surprised how a few boxes of pizza can turn a group of friends into happy helpers for your next move. Ask around and see if anyone is willing to trade a fully belly for a round of packing or loading cars for your next move. Extra hands are always helpful and your family and friends are probably more willing to help than you might expect.

Move With a Reputable Company

Finally, it goes without saying, but truly take the time to find a reputable moving company that has great reviews and is competitively priced for your moving needs. All moving companies are not created equal and for those with hidden fees, poorly managed teams and unprofessional movers, choosing the wrong moving company can waste your precious time, energy and money. Make the decision to go with a highly recommended company, ask every question you have and always read your contract prior to signing.